The Havana Story


How much would you pay for a good story?


Book three in the Beyond series from the author of the popular Promise McNeal Mysteries…


By day, author Paula Vega is manager of Trula’s B&B, Beyond, North Carolina’s newest tourist destination. But at heart, she is a writer not a manager and is desperate to find a story that will net her a new publisher.


After a long dry spell, Paula believes she’s found a winning story about her Cuban grandmother’s love affair, set in Havana during Castro’s revolution. But as she uncovers facts about the mysterious man her grandmother loved, exposing the family secret becomes complicated.


Then, when a B&B guest disappears in the middle of the night, and death claims another, Paula finds more than one mystery to solve, and her writing is interrupted while she learns a lesson in how much a best-selling novel can cost.

The Havana Story is available now at Amazon and Indie Bookstores:

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