Karma Comes in Red


Karma Comes In Red is book four in the Beyond series from the author of the popular Promise McNeal Mysteries…


An ill wind, cold and unpredictable, blows author and B&B manager, Paula Vega, into dangerous waters after her lover, John, is attacked by an intruder seeking to reclaim an unknown treasure. When no one in the small town of Beyond admits to knowing the intruder or what he’s after, and a shadowy hiker appears with a strange tale that may connect the intruder to a mystery from the past, Paula is left to separate the truth from the lies.

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The Beyond Series

Looking for Ona

Welcome to Beyond, where the gravestones have no birth dates, and the residents are dying…

Looking For Ona introduces Paula Vega, whose plan for surviving Atlanta’s brutal summer is to complete her latest steamy romance novel and camp out by the pool. Then her best friend shows her a cryptic video staring his mother, and pool lounging is off the table.

Beyond Mercy

Book two in the Beyond series.

Paula Vega leaves her hometown and moves to Beyond, NC. She hopes her new job as a B&B manager will bring a little peace and quiet to her life and rejuvenate her sagging writing career. But she soon realizes there will be none of that until she uncovers the town’s secrets.

The Havana Story

Book three in the Beyond series.

When a B&B guest disappears in the middle of the night, and death claims another, Paula finds more than one mystery to solve, and her writing is interrupted while she learns a lesson in how much a best-selling novel can cost.

Promise McNeal Mysteries

Quiet the Dead

Book One

Atlanta psychologist, Promise McNeal, is second guessing her decision to leave her beloved city for a new life as a country store owner in the North Carolina Mountains.

Quiet Killing

Book Two

Evil comes knocking. After her great grandfather, January McNeal, haunts her dreams, retired psychologist and new transplant to the North Carolina Mountains, Promise McNeal, delves into family history for answers, but when she learns January was accused of grave robbery, she wonders if the past isn’t best left alone.

Quiet Hearts

Book Three

How much rage can a quiet heart hold? Retired Atlanta psychologist and transplant to the North Carolina Mountains, Promise McNeal, her fiancé, Daniel Allen, and his intrepid, restaurateur daughter Susan, find the answer.

Quiet Road to Murder

Book Four

It’s been seven months since Daniel’s cousin Sheriff Mac Allen was murdered. Daniel accepted the job as interim sheriff with hopes of finding Mac’s killer. But he has few clues.

Quiet Evil

Book Five

Tarot cards, a trapeze artist who doesn’t age, and a magician who really can disappear.

Quiet Fury

 2019 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalist

Book Six

Reznik the Magnificent returns in the 6thPromise McNeal Mystery.

Also from Morgan James

Sing Me An Old Song

This is the tale of a Southern ghost, Mavis Banks Book, who returns to her beloved Atlanta home on a fine spring day in 1996, ten years after her funeral.

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