The 6th Promise McNeal Mystery

Reznik the Magnificent returns in the 6thPromise McNeal Mystery…

In the 6thPromise McNeal mystery, Quiet Fury, set in the North Carolina Mountains, retired psychologist Promise McNeal Allen frequently looks over her shoulder since the suspected killer and circus magician, Reznik, whispered he’d be waiting for her and then disappeared. Promise isn’t sure what Reznik meant, but she senses danger if Reznik is still out there and thinks she holds a secret he desperately wants to possess. And now, it would seem Reznik is back, captured by security cameras in the shadowy, underground corridors of Asheville’s two-hundred-and-fifty-room Biltmore mansion. But why has Reznik returned? What does he want? And what will he do to get it?

Quiet Fury, book six in the Promise McNeal Mystery series, is available now from Amazon and many fine local independent book retailers. You can also follow Morgan James on GoodReads.




Quiet the Dead (2011)


Promise McNeal Mystery
Book One

Quiet Killing (2012)


Promise McNeal Mystery
Book Two

Sing Me an Old Song (2013)


A tale of last chances and
taking risks.

Quiet Hearts (2014)


Promise McNeal Mystery
Book Three

Quiet Road to Murder (2016)


Promise McNeal Mystery
Book Four

Quiet Evil (2017)

Promise McNeal Mystery
Book Five


Quiet Fury (2018)

Promise McNeal Mystery
Book Six

Ask the Author

Characters who show up in my mind and insist on telling their story seem to be the seeds for my books. In this case, I was visiting Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island, Georgia. We were walking around the du Bignon Cemetery when a Chinese lady holding a cane with a dog's head carved on it stepped out of the shadows—or she stepped into my mind, depending on your view of how the universe works. She said, ”You think everybody on this beautiful island had good times? Ha. You listen to what I tell you.“ I listened to her story and Betty Wu became the pivot for Quiet Hearts, the third Promise McNeal Mystery.

  • “What an great mystery with most interesting characters. The descriptions of the land, the people, the history of the areas made for more than just a mystery. I wanted to be there, and get to know these people. The story is full of intrigue and keeps you wanting to turn the next page. Morgan James' books just keep getting better!”

    Poppy / Amazon

  • “WOW! Another great read by Morgan. Love the setting, the story and all the characters. You must read this book. Looking forward to the next Promise McNeal Mystery.”

    Susan / Amazon

  • “Another really good mystery in the Promise McNeal series. Morgan James, once again, does not disappoint with this tale slung between the outer Jekyll and St. Simon islands of Georgia and the mountains of North Carolina.”

    quaintreader / Amazon Kindle Edition

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