Beyond Mercy


How far will the town of Beyond go to survive?


Beyond Mercy is book two in the Beyond series from the author of the popular Promise McNeal Mysteries…


Halloween approaches, and a cold wind is blowing when Paula Vega leaves her hometown of Atlanta and moves to Beyond, a picturesque small town nestled in the North Carolina Mountains. She hopes her new job as a B&B manager will bring a little peace and quiet to her life and rejuvenate her sagging writing career.


But those hopes evaporate like the early morning haze when Paula learns just how desperate her new neighbors are to keep their quaint little town alive. Faced with a preacher who’s Halloween-creepy, dogs that have mysteriously gone missing, and two suspicious deaths, Paula knows she could ignore what’s happening and let the local sheriff do his job; but she can’t leave a tale untold, and soon realizes there will be no peace or quiet until she uncovers the not-so-sleepy town’s secrets to expose a killer.

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