Looking for Ona


Welcome to Beyond, where the gravestones have no birth dates, and the residents are dying…


A new series from the author of the popular Promise McNeal Mysteries…


Looking For Ona introduces Paula Vega, whose plan for surviving Atlanta’s brutal summer is to complete her latest steamy romance novel, send it to her editor, and camp out by the pool. Then her best friend, comic strip illustrator Ben Faraday, shows her a cryptic video staring his mother, who happens to be Paula’s editor, and pool lounging is off the table.


Instead, Paula and Ben drive to the North Carolina Mountains searching for a town on Lake Tuckahee where—after seventy years of being underwater—a mysterious island is rising, and the truth about a relative who died from not-so-natural causes. But before Paula and Ben can uncover the truth, they find that asking questions can be a dangerous pastime.

Looking for Ona is available now at Amazon and Indie Bookstores:

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Book two in the Beyond series.

Paula Vega leaves her hometown and moves to Beyond, NC. She hopes her new job as a B&B manager will bring a little peace and quiet to her life and rejuvenate her sagging writing career. But she soon realizes there will be none of that until she uncovers the town’s secrets.

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